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17 Old Melbourne Rd, Marysville, Victoria

The garden

It is a mature garden, in spite of the Black Saturday fires when the natives, evergreens and deciduous trees and shrubs took a belting. And against the odds, it was only a brief time later that new buds began to appear on the many remaining blitzed trees and shrubs. As you can see from the slideshow above and the photos below, this growth and recovery has continued unabated...

You are never alone in the garden ... pesky parrots and pals along with tiny minders such as finches keep an eye on you.

The garden has been terraced into the sloping north- and north-east-facing property. Consequently there are numerous garden rooms and meandering pathways.

To complement the mains irrigation system are three tanks holding 42,000 litres of water attached to fuel and electric pumps. This independent tank set-up is connected to garden sprinklers as well as a comprehensive fire-fighting system (which contributed to the survival of the house on Black Saturday).